Have you been to old Kildonan
Seen the Red with gentle sweep
Guard the little rude, God's Acre
Where the Selkirk settlers sleep

- John Mackay
- Opening verse of Old Kildonan

Reverend Dick Gillanders

Kildonan Presbyterian Cemetery is under the care of a volunteer committee of the Kildonan Community Church and reports to the members of the church at their annual meeting. The 'Old Church' is also under the care of the Kildonan Community Church - a continuing congregation of the original congregation established in 1851. Mr. George Fraser is the present Convener of the committee, replacing the retired Reverend Richard Gillanders who served from Spring 1998 to January 2004.

In 2002 the Cemetery Committee inaugurated a campaign with the objective of raising $100,000 to add to an established trust fund. So far it has raised close to $62,000 through contributions and the campaign continues. The trust fund is used to invest in the cemetery, including the employment of a full-time caretaker from May until September. During this time casual labour is hired to assist in the general maintenance – cutting of the grass and trimming of the trees – of the cemetery. The Cemetery has been fortunate each year in receiving sponsorship from the Provincial Government’s youth oriented Green Team program. For the past few years, this progam has supported one full-time employee for 150 hours of labour. Management is also engaged in the process of restoring and preserving the provincial historic site. Prior to 2004, over 200 markers have been straightened or repaired by Jack and Marion Cooper of Cooper Memorial Foundations.  Leveling and straightening of markers are being restored on an ongoing basis.

In the fall of 2005, Philip Wylie of Wylie Geomatics was hired by the Cemetery Committee to begin mapping all of the Sections of the Cemetery using GPS technology.  To date, Sections B, C, D and Section E (formerly GA) have been mapped in this manner.  Mapping the final (and oldest) Section of the Cemetery is expected to be complete in the next couple of years..

Niches in our 1st Columbarium (installed in the fall of 2003) are still available. For more information on Kildonan Presbyterian Cemetery please call 334-1591 or email us at kpcadmin@mymts.net