Have you been to old Kildonan
Seen the Red with gentle sweep
Guard the little rude, God's Acre
Where the Selkirk settlers sleep

- John Mackay
- Opening verse of Old Kildonan

July 2002

Kildonan Presbyterian Cemetery manager Reverend Richard Gillanders had no idea about the background of the MacDonald Mausoleum until a few weeks ago.

The only mausoleum in the Cemetery was a mystery to former manager Bob Kennedy, who oversaw operations for over 20 years, as well.

“He didn’t seem to know very much about it,” says Gillanders remembering discussions they had about the prominent grey stone structure.

But that all changed in June. After an article in the Winnipeg Sun about the Cemetery, an elderly woman living on Grant Avenue contacted Gillanders. The woman’s parents, with the last name Smith, are interred in the Cemetery – and were involved in the grocery business in Winnipeg. The woman says they bought all their supplies from MacDonald’s Consolidated, a former Winnipeg grocery supply business that was eventually bought out by Safeway. She told Gillanders that the MacDonald Mausoleum is from that family. So is the mystery solved? Gillanders believes so but hopes to make contact with the woman in the future to find out more.

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